You get to the butchers or supermarket and go to the meat counter, where you are confronted by many different cuts of beef. Which one do you need????? Here is a (hopefully) easy guide.

  •  Fillet - Most expensive. Lean and tender. Good for steak, for Beef Wellington and Stroganoff.
  • Sirloin – Prime cut and tender with good flavour. Good for steak, stir fries and BBQ
  • Rib Eye- A little more fat but rich in taste. Good for steak.
  • Rump – Leaner and tender with lots of flavour. Good for steaks, stir fries and BBQ.
  • Brisket – A cheaper joint, quite lean. Good for slow or pot roasting or it can be tough.
  • Silverside and Topside - some nice lean joints suitable for roasting, or dicing for stews or stir fries.
  • Shin, Braising or Casserole steak - These are best diced for long, slow casseroles, when they become very tender.
  • Frying Steak - Very thin steaks only suitable for quick frying, or they become tough.
  • Mince - Tends to be cheap and from the flank, though neck is the best quality.

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