Talk about Italian terms!!!

Do you know which pasta you are ordering in an Italian restaurant?

Do you know which pasta a recipe is referring to without taking a trip to the supermarket to find out?

The following tips may be useful before trying the recipes at the bottom of the page.

250px-Fettucine1FettuciniA flat, ribbon-like noodle made from egg and flour. Traditionally fresh and can be home made. Similar to Tagliatelle, which can generally be bought dried.


Fusilli_pastaFusilli – Pasta twists/corkscrew shapes which are generally bought dried. Fusilli Tricolore comes in three colours, yellow with egg, green with added spinach and red with added tomato.


Gnocchi 1Gnocchi – A fresh pasta which resembles soft dumplings. Made with egg and flour, but can have added cheese or potato.


linguineLinguine – Long thin pasta strips, like spaghetti, but slightly wider and flatter.


untitledMacaroni – Short, hollow dried pasta made of durum wheat. Generally cannot be home made.


PennePenne – Pasta quills, which can be smooth or furrowed. They are generally bought dried.


RavioliRavioli – Square, fresh pasta which is ruffled at the edges and is stuffed with a filling . Can be easily made at home.


tortelliniTortellini – Fresh pasta that is ring or hat shaped. This, too, is stuffed with a choice filling.


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